About Fundhouse

IntroducingaCollateral-free,No-PaperWorksystemgeneratingInstantLending FundHouse assures absolute Tansparency while providing a great Financial Execution, bringing more profit to the customers resulting in to mounted customer satisfaction..

FundHouse is an emerging Fin-Tech Startup dealing with Online Loan Lending processes, providing Working Capital Finance & Personal Finance for Micro SMEs, SMEs, Startups and Salaried Individuals.

FUNDHOUSE is the Trade Name of ChhattisGarh Fin-Corp Lending Private Limited CGFL which is a Non-banking finance company, NBFC-ND-LC Registered with the RBI (ReserveBankofIndia).

The Company is having an In-house innovative IT infrastructure platform which rigorously uses Machine Learning, BigData, AI, and is an Algorithm generated solely using Robotics Technology for Automation mode.

It is there fore capable of inducing fast process, dynamic environment, rich navigation with minimum human intererence to make things suitable and more comprehensive for customers, more of which relates to the “do-it-yourself” concept.

The Company is using technology and analytics tools, analyzing thousands of data points from various data sources to assess the credit-worthiness of small businesses rapidly and accurately.

We are very soon going to launch our FUNDHOUSE Android APP feature, which would be robust, flexible and highly an user oriented platform to best suit your need sina lesser time.

Mission and Vision:

Our Missionis to make it a possibility that Lending will grow to be a smooth end eavor with no situational headache for the Client. We promise to provide simple and fast access to generate credit, collateral-free loan. That's not just the end. We ensure provision of innovative credit integrated products delivered in customer-friendly manner. This will help Entrepreneurs in focusing on to business instead of worrying about gaps in their cash-flows. We provide 2 types of Product i.e., Working Capital Dem and Loan and Personal Loan.

We have a vision of expansion to the widely open diversified Indian Market where there is not just a single way to explore but a thousand more ways to innovae and implement. We will penetrate in to virgin Sectors and segments of B&C categories:Urbanand Suburban areas

Regionally made products, through our disruptive technology transforming traditional system to a better suited finance methodology operational from anywhere and anytime. Our Management Team is having 15+ years of experience in Retail Lending with excellent blue chip technology. This team consisting of brilliant spearheada, with their limitless knowledge, robust learning and vast experience are sure to begin a new era of fast and easy Finance for PAN India.

We are currently based in Mumbai but we are planning to serve PAN India through Online App and back-office concept as soon as possible.